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BioPet - Dental

BioPet - Dental

BioPet is our range of safe, effective and natural remedies that help you manage your pet's health.

Supports pet's immune response to tartar, sore gums and bad breath.

Poor dental health affects many cats and dogs and this can become particularly difficult to manage in older pets who are not well equipped to cope with repeated general anaesthetics for dental maintenance.

BioPet Dental is a natural addition to your pet's dental health regime.

Dosage: 3 pumps orally, twice daily for a week then repeat this dosage regime every 2nd week.
Delicious sweet tasting liquid drops.


Herbal extracts: Liquorice, Kawakawa, Ginger.
Homeopathics: Calc-renails, Fragaria, Kali-phos 30c


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