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Multi-Cat - 15kg

Multi-Cat - 15kg

Iams Adult MultiCat Food

Iams Adult Multicat Food is designed for a household of more than one cat over 1 year.

Key Benefits:

Healthy Digestion: Tailored fibre blend, including Prebiotics and beet pulp to help support your cat's digestive health

Strong Immune System: Enriched with antioxidants to help support a strong immune system

Strong Muscles: Formulated with high quality protein to help your cat maintain strong muscles

Healthy Heart: 7 essential nutrients for a healthy heart

Healthy Eyes: Natural source of Taurine for healthy eyes

Hairball Care: Tailored fibre blend, including beet pulp to help reduce hairballs

Healthy Weight: Formulated for cats with different body types by gradually returning heavier cats to a healthier weight

Made Specifically For: A muti cat household with cats more than one cat over 1 year old.


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