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PAW - Sensitive Shampoo

PAW - Sensitive Shampoo

PAW Sensitive Skin Shampoo is developed by vets specifically for dogs with fragile skin. 

With a new nutrient rich formulation this sulphate free shampoo leaves your dog looking good and feeling great.

PAW Sensitive Skin Shampoo gently cleans the coat and skin using pawDerm technology that combines:

  • Hypo-allergenic, sulphate free gentle cleansers.
  • Rich moisturising ingredients.
  • Natural essential oils for a fresh pure scent.
For best results, PAW Sensitive Skin Shampoo is designed to be used in conjunction with PAW Sensitive Skin Conditioner for a great coat and to maintain skin health.

Purified water, surfactants, thickener, glycerin (vegetable), euperlan green, preservatives, salt (dairy), panthenol, jojoba oil, sodium hydroxide, tetrasodium EDTA, vitamin E, Australian sandalwood oil, rosemary oil.

Dogs have different skin and hair to people, requiring different products to keep them looking great and their coat and skin healthy.

Most human products are too acidic for your dog’s skin. Using a shampoo, conditioner or soap product formulated for humans may result in the natural oils being stripped from the skin leaving the coat and skin dry and dull.


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