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Baby Turtle Tank Complete Set Up


Suitable for turtle up to 12 - 18 months

Setup includes: 

  • Specially designed turtle tank with ramp (91.5 × 30 × 32 cm)
  • Wooden and mesh lid 
  • Submersible heater
  • Heater guard 
  • Internal power filter 
  • Turtle health blocks 
  • Stress coat 
  • Stress zyme
  • Aquatic plant and veggie clip (plant holder) 
  • Turtle pellet food
  • Thermometer 
  • Aquarium light fitting
  • Reptile UVB tube (10.0 for Red Ear Sliders or 5.0 for Snake Necks)
  • Basic care sheet
  • All items are also available separately. 
At around 12 to 18 months your turtle will need an adult turtle tank. These are custom built here and a great value for money, buy the stand with it, and we'll throw in a free polystyrene layer, this sits in between your tank and base, helping to insulate it and offers it some protection.
We also strongly recommend that you use an external water filter. Whilst internal filters are available an external filter will drastically reduce your cleaning. They vary in price and are relatively expensive but the benefits are well worth it and far outweigh the cost.
Turtles are a big commitment they can live up to 30 years in captivity.



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