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BioPet - Travel

BioPet - Travel

BioPet is our range of safe, effective and natural remedies that help you manage your pet's health.

Supports pet's immune response to motion sickness and travel anxiety.


Any travel by car, plane or boat should be a pleasant and enjoyable experience for your pet, however pets who suffer from motion sickness may find that even a short trip can literally end in a mess.

BioPet Travel is the key to happy, healthy, travelling for your beloved pet.

Dosage: 3 pumps orally before travelling, repeat about 10 - 15 minutes into the trip, then repeat as needed, or 5 pumps into the water dispenser and shake well.
Delicious sweet tasting liquid drops.

90ml oral drops

Herbal extracts: Kawakawa, Passion Flower, Velerian.
Homeopathics: Cistus canandensis, Cocculus, Nux-vomica, Petrolinum 30c.


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