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BioPet - Courage

Bio Pet - Courage

BioPet is our range of safe, effective and natural remedies that help you manage your pet's health.

Supports pet’s natural recovery from panic due to fireworks, storms or stress. 


Herbal & homeopathic remedies formulated to calm your pet during fireworks and thunder, or anytime when fear or panic is present.

For day to day anxiety or depression refer to BioPet Relax.
Both products work well together and are safe for long term use. 

Dosage: 3 pumps into the mouth or on to muzzle.
Dose when needed, repeat after a few minutes.
Stop dosing as soon as effect is noticed.
Best results when used sparingly.
Delicious sweet tasting liquid drops.

90ml Oral drops

Herbal extracts: Chamomile, Lemon balm, Valerian.
Homeopathics: Aconite, Phosphorus, Rhododendron 200c, Borax, Moschus, Theridian 30c.
Base: Vegetable glycerine/Purified water.


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