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BioPet - Relax

Bio Pet - Relax

BioPet is our range of safe, effective and natural remedies that help you manage your pet's health.

Supports pet's natural recovery from anxiety, stress, grief and habitual behaviours.


A blend of herbal & homeopathic remedies to calm your pet without sedating them.
Relax is one of the most popular calming remedies on the New Zealand market.

Completely natural and yet so effective, it can be put into the water bowl or given orally every day without any risk of side effects.

Dosage: 3 pumps orally as needed, or 5 pumps into water bowl daily. 

90ml Oral drops

Herbal extracts: Catnip, Hop Flower, Passion Flower.
Homeopathics: Clematis, Ignatia, Impatiens, Ornithagulum, Prunus 30c.
Base: Vegetable glycerine/Purified water.


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