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Rogz - Alleycat Cat Collar


Cat collar with a break-away safety release buckle and a Reflective stripe.

XS: 16.5cm - 23cm - Great for Kittens
Small: 20cm - 31cm - Adult Cat

Collars feature Rogz SafeLoc break-away safety buckle system.
The size small also has three variable load settings = +3kg, +5kg & +9kg

Available Options

CB216A - Black XS $10.90 add to cart
CB16A - Black Small $11.80 add to cart
CB216C - Red XS $10.90 add to cart
CB16C - Red Small $11.80 add to cart
CB216E - Purple XS $10.90 add to cart
CB16E - Purple Small $11.80 add to cart
CB216K - Pink XS $10.90 add to cart
CB16K - Pink Small $11.80 add to cart
CB216H - Dayglo XS $10.90 add to cart
CB16H - Dayglo Small $11.80 add to cart


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