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Topflite Nutra Feeder Combo


1 x Nectar Nutra Feeder plus 1 x 500gm Nectar
Designed for feeding Topflite nectar to attract New Zealand’s native birds such as tui, bellbirds & waxeye.

While many New Zealand natives feed on fruit and insects, tui and korimako (bellbird) prefer nectar. Topflite Nectar Nutra Feeders are designed specifically to attract tūi and bellbird and allow them to feed safely. A deep feeding cup and sturdy steel parts will accomodate the large, heavy tui and a strong cap prevents bees from drowning in the liquid. 

The red colour of the Nectar Nutra Feeder mimics the natural shades of rata and pohutukawa, the favourite flowers of New Zealand’s native nectar feeders, and will bring them visiting regularly to your garden.

Can also be used to feed water

A top quality honey and glucose based nectar ensures wild birds are well conditioned for all weather challenges.
Ingredients: Raw sugar, Dextrose, Honey powder, Pollen, Ornithon.


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