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Best Bird Lorikeet Dry Mix- 2.4kg

Best Bird Lorikeet Dry Mix- 2.4kg

A specially formulated and balanced maintenance diet for lorrikeets in a dry, palatable form enriched with honey and fruit.

Dry mix is ready to use and should be available at all times. At normal daily temperatures and humidity it will not sour or spoil provided it is kept dry enabling several days supply to be offered at one time. Ensure it cannot be contaminated by droppings

Dry mix is formulated to resemble the natural pollen diet of lorikeets. It has been noted that birds in captivity which are fed a totally fluid diet have excessively liquid faeces. The droppings of birds fed dry food are firmer, more like those of birds in the wild and the nutrient absorption is improved. DRY MIX is suitable as a total food or may be used in conjunction with other foods such as fruit and small amounts of nectar substitute such as WET MIX.

- Simulates natural pollen diet
- Enriched with honey & friut
- Will not sour or spoil
- Convenient to use


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