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Wet Lorikeet Mix - 500g

Wet Lorikeet Mix - 500g

A balanced, nutritious diet for lorrikeets and other nectar feeders.

Dry powder form which easily combines with water to form a thick, creamy suspension. It holds well in suspension ensuring that all nutrients remain available until consumed. It can be fed on it's own or as part of a planned feeding system in conjunction with DRY MIX.

In the wild do not eat seeds in any quantity but do rely on pollens and nectar from flowering trees and plants. WET MIX is formulated to resemble the high energy nectar food that is consumed by lorikeets when flowers are plentiful. It is readily accepted and enjoyed even when the bird is ill. Because it is sweet to the taste it can disguise unpleasant flavours and is the preferred vechicle for administering drugs, worming medicine etc, to lorikeets.

- Nectar replacement diet
- Simply mix with water
- Enriched with Honey
- Added vitamins and minerals


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