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Caged Birds

We try to stock all commonly kept household birds - selection includes: Budgies, Canaries, Cockatiels, Love birds, Finches and more. 
*Note: Not all species are available year round.

Hand Reared Parrots
Includes: Cockatiels, Lorikeets, Conyers, African Greys, Princesses, Cockatoos, Galahs and more, all available at East Road Pets (via wait list).
We have a large selection of birds, many have been bred on site and we are happy to share our hands-on expertise and advice to the novice owner.
We hand feed many types of parrots both large and small. Our baby birds are either hatched in an incubator or naturally by their parents. Hand fed right from birth, they are people friendly and easy to be trained. This is the way to go. Orders available. We cannot guarantee what will be available each season but these orders will be filled as fast as possible depending on what is successfully bred.

Suitable Cage
• Animal Safe Disinfectant
• Parasite Treatments
Suitable Food
• Toys & Accessories
• Sand Sheets
• Mineral/Vitamin Seed Bell

Fresh water must be offered daily and always available, fresh foods and seeds should be provided at least twice a week. Vitamins and cuttlefish along with treats should be also supplied to your birds.

Birds require fresh seed and water daily. Vitamins and minerals are generally fed in with their diets. Fruits and vegetables can be given to birds often depending on type of bird obtained as can lorry mixes. Advice will be given at time of purchase.

Regular cleaning is required and your sand mats should be changed two to three times a week if necessary. Both the water and containers will also need to be washed to avoid contamination from excretion. Please remember to always wash your hands after handling your bird or cleaning its cage and accessories.

Toys and Accessories
Birds love toys and changed regularly your bird will never be bored, they are reasonably priced and are plenty to choose from in store. They will also appreciate a cuttlefish and a mineral block, which are essential items to maintain optimal health and are good for bones and beaks.

Training and Talking
Some birds can be taught to talk. Regular constant words will develop in to talking. Please feel free to browse through our selection of bird books in store. Most birds can come out of their cage and this is great. Training can be incorporated at this time. Treats may be offered as rewards in training, remembering that what you use as a reward shouldn't be given at other times.

If your bird should happen to bite you, raise your voice and place him back in his cage. Birds can be likened to children in that they need a time out. Transfer the cage to another room so they learn for 5-10 minutes.

We have an enormous selection of cages in store. Your choice will depend on how many and what type of bird you are purchasing. Ensure that your feathered friend had plenty of room. Cage mats (sand sheets) help keep your birds? claws trimmed and makes for easier cleaning maintenance.
Always have a small cage on hand in case you need to isolate a bird for whatever reason. It can be used as a hospital cage as well. If you are interested in breeding we have all types of breeding boxes and again we are happy to advise what would best suit your needs.

Aviary Birds

Commonly kept Budgies, Canaries, Quails, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Ringnecks, Red rumps, Burkes and more.
Hours of pleasure can be gained from caring for and breeding birds.
It's a rewarding and enjoyable hobby with the ongoing option of offsetting your costs.
Birds kept in aviaries require good housing; the sheltered area also needs to be not only weather proof but just as importantly draft proof as these can kill birds. Some thought needs to be given to where you place your aviary; it needs to be protected from the elements, safe and with secure netting. If a one flight aviary you'll need to make sure that the birds you purchase are compatible our friendly staff will be happy to discuss the available options. If you have several flights you can keep and enjoy a wider variety of birds.

Concrete floors are best; they deter rodents and are easily cleaned whereas earthen floors are more inviting and problematic. Regular cleaning reduces most rodent problems. 


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