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Radical Dog 400g

Radical Dog 400g

 Radical Dog - Natural Supplement & Treat for your Dog

Unleash nature's vitality - Improve your dogs' health and vitality with an exceptional source of antioxidants.

Packed full of Montmorency tart cherries -
the super fruit that delivers exceptional results.

Radical Dog has been tested by Massey University's Institute of Food Nutrition and Human Health and is approved to AAFCO International Animal Food Standards to be a fully balanced dog food. Tests show that Radical Dog contains a high level of antioxidants with excellent free radical scavenging abilities as measured by ORAC and DPPH methods.

Radical Dog can be fed in conjunction with your dogs standard diet, whole or broken, or added to wet food. Clean water should always be available for your dog. As a general rule, feed one biscuit for every 4-5kg of body weight.


Like humans, dogs love a treat. So be a good dog lover and treat your pooch! The biscuits can be broken in half or fed whole, and are a great tool when training your four-legged friend. And even better, there is no daily limit for feeding.

Full feed.

Radical Dog biscuits have been thoroughly tested and approved to be given as a complete and balanced feed for adult dogs. Happy pets make happy owners!

Natural supplement.

Trials have shown 1 biscuit to 4-5kgs of body weight works wonders. Plus, they can be fed in conjunction with other dog food. More can be fed if desired as no harmful side effects will occur.

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