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Blue Planet - UView Purifier - 24w

UView Purifier

Polishes water with the power of the sun.
For aquariums 200 - 400 litres

Our unique purifier uses low wattage UV radiation to kill all waterborne algae, bacteria and pathogens passing through the filter. Used alongside your regular filter it will give you continuous clean, crystal clear water. This also improves fish health and wellbeing and aids the introduction of new fish.

  • Crystal clear water*
  • No more algae or bacteria in water
  • Unique design flows water over UV lamps for maximum exposure
  • Completely sealed unit prevents any UV leakage
  • Natural cleansing, chemical free
  • Healthier water, healthier fish
  • Freshwater or Marine water environments
  • For aquariums up to 80 litres
  • Does not need to be on 24/7

*Some persistent algae may still grow on the tank, plants and ornaments so may need to be wiped off occasionally.


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