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Trixie Reflector Lamp with clamp ^250w

Reflector Lamp with Clamp up to 250w

Trixie Reflector Lamp with clamp up to 250 watt

Trixie Reflector Lamp with clamp up to 250 watt - with safety guard and Pro-Thermal-Socket.

• Easy to install
• Particularly heat resistant porcelain bulb holder with silicone cable.
• Polished reflector efficiently strengthens the UV-B radiation and therefore enables a greater distance between animal and lamp.
• Can be used as a clamp lamp over the terrarium, free hanging or as a permanent fixture in the terrarium (assembly instructions included)
• The enclosed safety guard prevents animals coming into too close contact with the lamp and suffering burns.

Particularly suitable for the following bulbs and lamps (up to 250 watt):
• 'REPTILELAND' UV Compact Lamp
• 'REPTILELAND' Basking Spot
• 'REPTILELAND' Ceramic Heat Emitter. 


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