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Dried Crickets - 45g


Naturally packed with protein, and satisfyingly crunchy to the bite,  crickets are much loved by birds, reptiles and tropical fish. However keeping live crickets can be messy and expensive.

100% natural treats for reptiles,birds & tropical fish High in protein Dried crickets provide a protein rich treat that is also loaded with calcium. Feeding Guide: Feed 2-5 crickets per meal, depending on size and species. 

As insects form a natural part of the omnivore’s diet, feeding two to five crickets each day is a natural way to diversify food offerings with a  sustainable protein source.

Birds that are natural insect eaters love eating crickets – which is why we’ve had so many requests from our aviary bird breeders. Doves, pigeons, finches, quail and parrots particularly enjoy them, and wild bird visitors will also appreciate a few crickets left out near the bird feeder.

Reptile and fish owners will already know crickets are an easy way to serve up natural protein to their scaled pals.


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