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Good Quality Pellet/Grain Food
• Bedding; Pine, Aspen or Cedar Sawdust
Salt & Mineral Lick
Nibble blocks/ Gnawing stones
Water bottle
• Food Dishes

We recommend that if you prefer two, you choose the same sex, as Rats, mice, rabbits & guinea pigs are all very prolific breeders.
The life span is around 3 years for rats, only 2 years for mice, 6 years for rabbits and 4 years for guinea pigs.
It is a necessity that they're provided with good sized home. At the bottom of your cage a good pine of cedar litter is required. Another requirement is a nibble block, this is to help keep your rodent's teeth trim. Finally, you will need salt lick stones and a water bottle. All of which can be easily found in store.

Your pet's enclosure requires regular cleaning, with fresh litter bedding at least every 2-3 days and you must ensure to use an animal safe disinfectant. Always wash your hands both before and after handling your little pet. If you have traces of something sweet or inviting on your skin they might be inclined to nip.

You will need to provide fresh food and water daily. All our foods available in store ensure a well-balanced diet for your pets health. A small serving of fresh fruit and vegetables should be offered at least every second day. There also many treats and nibbles to complement their diet in store. Dairy products and cheese are not recommended as food for your rodent as they have a tendency to make animals smell. Meat products are also not encouraged as they may cause your furry friend to bite.


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