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Reptile One - Calcium Powder + D3 - 250g

Calcium Powder with D3

Reptile One's Calcium + D3 powder is specially formulated for use in supplementing your amphibian and reptile's diet to assist with calcium absorption.

Vitamin D is essential for captive amphibians or reptiles that may not be receiving sufficient natural sunlight or UVB.

Sufficient calcium + D3 in your animal will promote healthy bone growth, nerve functions and hormone synthesis.

The lack of sufficient D3 in your amphibian or reptile may lead to insufficient absorption of calcium.

Reptile One's Calcium + D3 formula is low in phosphorous and has been manufactured to an ultra fine grade for easier absorption through the animal's cell membranes.

Suitable for regular use in dusting insects or vegetables which are then fed to your amphibians or reptiles.


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