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Roudybush - Maintenance - Nibbles - 624g

Roudybush Maintenance Nibbles

The Maintenance pellet contains all the vital nutrients that your bird needs! 

Using Roudybush products assures that your birds receive the finest blend of nutrients available in a completely edible product.
Little waste and mess, no additional vitamin or mineral supplements necessary, no added sugars or colours, and all natural preservatives.

Maintenance is the top Roudybush pellet sold world-wide. Most vets agree that pallet diets are the very best for birds. Roudybush provides the best and most affordable pellet on the market today.

These pellets are all natural so you don’t need to worry about harmful chemicals in your bird’s food.
The pellet formulation is healthier for your birds than other standard bird food out there.

The best thing is that there is absolutely no wastage! Your bird eats everything unlike those pesky seed husks!
If for any reason your bird doesn’t like this pellet size just send it back and we will replace the product with a different pellet size until we find the best for your bird. 


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