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Combo Chews Apple Slice 3pk

Combo Chews Apple Slice 3pk

The Combination Chew Your Critter Can't Refuse. The combination of chewable wood and crispy loofah in fun fruit shapes will keep your critter busy as can be and will help to maintain clean and trim teeth. - Challenges and entertains your critter - promotes interaction between owner and pet - chewable wood helps keep teeth clean and trim - crispy loofah provides flossing action. Now you can provide your pet with a clean, sanitary supply of chews for a fun chewing activity. Simply slide Combo Chews or any of our wide assortment of chews onto a Kaytee Ka-Bob dispenser. Watch the fun and hear the jungle of the bell everytime your pet takes a bite to satisfy its chewing and gnawing instincts.


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