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We stock all your canine requirements specializing in quality super premium pet food. We are stockists of Ziwi Peak, Black Hawk, Eukanuba, Hills Science Diet; Nutrience, Iams, K9 Natural, Zeal and Royal Canin all of these foods are specially formulated to provide a complete and balanced diet for your dog.
We offer a Loyalty cards for many of these brands giving you an ongoing discount when purchasing from us.

Please remember that puppies and dogs require fresh water daily and available at all times.
Milk is not a recommended choice for their overall well-being.

You'll need to provide your dog with its own food and water dishes. Again there is an extensive range in store. We also have a variety of Pet hygiene products available. Flea and worm treatments are a must as are grooming accessories. We also have a massive range of leads and can engrave an identity tag for your dog whilst you wait. Should your dog have a mishap inside or elsewhere we stock an animal safe disinfectant. Please remember the golden rule, always wash your hands, and encourage others to do the same when you've finished playing or attending to your pet.

Your dog will require his own bed, whether it be inside or outside. We have a huge variety of bedding, baskets and kennels in store. We also urge you to invest in some strong dog toys and chewing bones. Its not cute to have ones prized possessions nibbled on. Our friendly staff will be happy to recommend suitable products.

We run a puppy school at a cost of $70.00. Each course runs for six weeks and involves one evening class from 6 to 7 pm every week, generally on a Tuesday to Wednesday evening focusing on training and socializing.

We would like to stress that before you purchase a dog that you give it considerable thought. Dogs are a wonderful friend and companion but require a great deal of commitment.
Big dogs requirements differ from those of smaller breeds and both have their places in different lifestyles.
Regardless of size though, You'll need a safe well fenced section, be able to control your dog at all times and be prepared to play with and exercise your four legged friend daily.
Your dog will need to be vaccinated, registered with the local council and perhaps neutered.


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