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Topflite Timothy Hay


Timothy Hay is widely known as the the best choice of hay for rabbits , guinea pigs, and other herbivores.

High Fibre Content:Timothy Hay is high in fibre and is easily digested. It’s sweet smell and tast encourages herbivores to forage and help ensure their fibre intake is sufficient
 Low in calcium: Some hays are higher in calcium, and too much calcium can cause health issues in herbivores.
Dental Health: Chewing on a fibrous hay is a great way to keep teeth ground down.
Grown in New Zealand and packed on our North Otago farm.
Feeding guide: Herbivores should have access to grass or hay all day, every day.
Your herbivores should eat approximately a portion of hay equal to the size of its body each day. 75% of your herbivore’s diet should consist of good quality hay.
Feed alongside a good quality pellet or nugget plus the occasional chew treat.
Ingredients: 100% natural Timothy Hay


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