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Parrot Deli-Treats - 500g

Parrot Deli-Treats - 500g

A deliciously healthy treat for all parrots.


KEY FEATURES: Parrot Deli-Treats offer both variety and stimulation for birds, but also offer a wide range of nutritional benefits including omega oils,amino acids,  vitamins, minerals and calcium. 

INGREDIENTS: A selextion of quality seasonal sun dried fruits, peanut and almond chips, oat groats and double aspirated sunflower seeds,  topped with just the right amount of Vetafarm's award winning Nutriblend pellets. (Nutrablend pellets (Large 20%), Sunflower seeds  (double aspirated 20%), Dates (18%), Almond chips (15%), Groats/dehulled oats (15%), Dried Fruit (7%) & Peanuts (5%)).


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