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Glamour Puss Shedding Brush


Shedding Brush:

  • Removes loose dead hair from the undercoat without damaging the top coat.
  • Brushing distributes natural oils leaving a shiny healthy coat.
  • Reduces the amount of loose hair that causes allergic reactions in many people.
  • Helps to eliminate hairballs in cats.

Grooming Tips:
• Cats are very capable of grooming on their own, their rough tongues are like mini-brushes that remove dead hair and distribute oils through the coat. Kittens however will appreciate a helping hand, especially to remove hairballs etc.
• Grooming isn’t just about making your cat look good – it helps remove dead hair, keep the coat and skin healthy and also offers you an opportunity to bond with your cat.
• Stand your pet on a mat or groom outdoors to keep excess hair off your furniture.


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