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Pro Valu Crate #2000

Pro Valu Crate

24 x 18 x 20 inches (61 x 46 x 51 cm)

For dogs up to: 25lbs (11.33 kg)

Divider Panel Include:
• Two Doors Give You Convenient Access to Your Pet
•  Assembled and Ready to Set Up
•  Simple to Store and Transport
•  Secure Safety Latch
•  Rounded Corners
•  Easy Clean, Plastic Pan Rust Resistant, Black Electro-Coat Finish

Try a Wire Crate for the Best Value:
•  Provides a Room with a Good View for You and Your Pet 
•  Offers More Opportunity for Socialization (and a Friendlier Dog)
•  Provides Better Air Circulation and Ventilation 
•  Easy to Clean 
•  Simple to Store and Transport
•  No Small Parts/Nuts/Bolts

Vets and Trainers Recommend Crates
instinctively, dogs want a personal territory and safe, secure comfort zone of their own to fulfil their need to "den". Dogs prefer to keep their sleeping areas clean and dry. A crate offers a positive solution to house-training and minimizes destructive behaviour. This is your dog's bedroom.


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