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Chicks Choice - 10kg

Chicks Choice - 10kg

A complete feed formula for pullet chicks being reared for table egg production.

Typical Nutritional Values
Chick Starter (Chicks Choice) 19 5.0 6.0 2.0

Features and Benefits
  • High protein and energy levels designed to ensure strong growth rate and development.
  • Contains the essential minerals and vitamins to satisfy the requirements of that stage.
  • Medicated feed: this feed contains coccidiostat as an aid in the prevention of coccidiosis.
Feeding recommendations
  • Feed ad libitum as the sole diet to pullet chicks to eight weeks of age, then change to poultry grower (chooks grow) until point of lay.
  • Clean fresh water should be available at all times.
Warning: This product contains a coccidiostat. Do not feed to dogs or horses. Must not be fed to ruminants, contains ruminant protein.
Do not feed to other bird species. 



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