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Rabbit & Hare Patties 1kg


Purely Pets Rabbit & Hare Patties are a delicious blend of 100% New Zealand free-range rabbit and hare with offal (heart, liver, kidney and green unbleached tripe). These patties are a great option for animals that suffer from allergies - they are made of "novel" (hypoallergenic) protein, and their abundant nutrient content helps bolster the immune system.

Our Rabbit & Hare Patties are very low in cholesterol to promote heart health, and their low calorie content means they are well-suited to animals that have a tendency to gain weight.

The green unbleached tripe content in these patties offers plenty of naturally-occurring probiotics to aid digestive health.

These patties contain finely-ground bone, which supplies digestible calcium, glucosamine and chondroitin for bone and joint health.

As with all of our products these patties are 100% preservative-free and grain-free.
We encourage feeding a variety of Purely Pets products to achieve a balanced diet.

100% New Zealand free-range rabbit & hare, offal (heart, liver, kidney, green unbleached tripe).

Cat Number of patties
Small (3kg) 2-3
Medium (4kg) 3
Large (5kg+) 4-5+

Dog                             Number of patties
Small (5 - 10kg)                        6-7
Medium (10 - 20kg)                  7-11
Large (20 - 40kg)                      11+

The above is a guide only.
Your pets may need more or less food to maintain a healthy body weight.
Please ensure there is always plenty of fresh, clean drinking water available for your pets. 

Nutritional Element                         Typical analysis per 100g
Protein                                                       19.3%
Fat                                                             5.9%
Energy                                                       523kJ
Sodium                                                      130mg
Iron                                                            7.7mg
Potassium                                                 310mg
Zinc                                                           3.4mg


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