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Eezapet - Original

Eezapet relieves the itch

Does your pet suffer from skin rashes?

Many animals suffer from allergic reactions. Eezapet relieves the itch naturally.

Eeazpet can help to control allergic outbreaks caused from wandering dew, grass seeds, flea eggs, fleas and house mites to name a few.

Eezapet helps ease the symptoms of your pet's rashes and skin allergies and is safe to use on broken skin (an important factor as pets will scratch/bite and lick until they are raw). By using Eezapet you support the skin to repair itself whilst relieving the itch. Controlling the itch/scratch cycle is important as if left uncontrolled it can lead to secondary rashes and further spread. 

Broken Skin

An important factor as pets will scratch until raw.

Skin reactions

Allergic reactions that cause intensely itchy pustules on the body.

Cuts and Grazes

Great for those tricky places like tips of the tails, cuts on the nose

Heat Rashes

Bald patches that have tiny itchy spots, creating hair loss.

How to Use - a little goes a long way
We recommend using Eezapet at least twice a day or more frequently as needed. Apply Eezapet as soon as you see a rash developing, or as soon as your dog starts scratching. R elieving the itch quickly halts the rash making it more manageable.

Made in NZ from 100% natural ingredients.
*Safe for you
*Safe for your pet
*Safe for the environment 

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