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BioPet - Skin

BioPet - Skin

BioPet is our range of safe, effective and natural remedies that help you manage your pet's health.

Supports pet's immune response to itchy skin, exzema and odour.

An existing blend of renowned herbal and homeopathic skin remedies, BioPet Skin focuses on reducing the production of seborrhoea which is the grease that can coat a dog's skin and lead to a strong 'doggy' smell that never seems to go away.
Reducing the grease is key to managing the bacterial load and irritation.
BioPet Skin is credited with restoring many dogs (and cats, guinea pigs and other animals) to their former glory.

Dosage: 3 pumps into the mouth or on a treat daily. Suitable for long term use. Delicious sweet tasting liquid drops.

90ml oral drops

Herbal extracts: Burdock, Liquorice, Yellow Dock.
Homeopathics: Nat-mur, Rhus-tox, Sulphur 30c.
Base: Vegetablle glycerine/Purified water


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