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Smitten with Kittens

Available during kitten season only (Late October start)
Check our facebook page on Wednesday mornings 10.30am for availability.

Females and Males wear pink or blue collars with individual numbered ID tags for easy I. D choice and in store viewing.

They are generally around 8 weeks old upon arrival.
All are carefully health checked, worm & flea treated and weighed by an experienced member of the staff to ensure that they have been well cared for and are in good general health & weight.
After a monitoring/quaranteen period they are then vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped and de-sexed by our vet team.

After a recovery period kittens are ready for sale. 
Upon purchasing a kitten you will receive in store discount vouchers and 6 weeks of free pet insurance cover from Southern Cross for the benefit of both kitten and your pocket.
Plus you will get 1.13kg of dry food, sachet wet food, and a toy for your kitty to enjoy.

A cat - if it doesn't use up its nine lives - can live up to fifteen years, so can certainly be a long-time companion and a friendly addition to any home.


Your kitten will need its own basket, a wide variety our available in store. You'll also need a litter tray and a litter substrate. This will need to be regularly changed and tray ideally cleaned with an animal safe disinfectant.

Kittens require water, not milk as commonly offered - Kittens are lactose intolerant and milk tends to upset their stomachs. Iams, Science Diet, Nutrience, Royal Canin and Eukanuba are all ideal food choices for your kitten or cat. They provide all the nutrients required. A high users card is provided offering the purchaser ongoing discounts.

Health & Hygiene
Felines require regular worming and protection from fleas throughout their life. Quality safe products for both are in store. Follow up vaccinations are also advised; please discuss those with your vet. Remember to always wash your hands after playing with or handling animals and encourage others to do the same.

Your kitten will need its own food and water dishes; collar, grooming accessories, toys, scratching pole and identity tag. The latter we can engrave for you whilst you wait. We have all products available from our store, but if by chance we're out of stock we can happily source it for you.


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