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Introducing... - 21st May 2019

Introducing... WOOF & MEOW PET FOOD

Raw, natural, and delicious !
A premium range of pet food, supplements, and treats using only the highest quality ingredients aimed at giving them what they need to thrive. Nourish your pets from the inside out, naturally.

From its pristine lands and waters, New Zealand is well known
for producing some of the best quality food in the world.
We wanted to share this natural goodness with pets everywhere. 
The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. source only the finest ingredients
to ensure that your pet has the highest quality of nutrition.
All freshly made in small batches with meat and produce from local farms in New Zealand.

Reasons you (and your pet) will love our freeze dried food!

Cats and Dogs can't process carbohydrates the way we do, which is why so many of them develop health issues (i.e. allergies, dry skin,etc). We keep it simple by adding only the ingredients your pet needs and nothing else.

Species appropriate diets are based on what your carnivore would get in the wild. Taking raw whole foods and freeze dry them to protect the natural enzymes, nutrients, and flavour. It's tasty food your pet will love!

All recipes are balanced and formulated to meet with AAFCO requirements. So you can be confident that you are giving your pets natural raw food filled with the goodness that they need to grow and thrive on.
Why feed raw?
Pets thrive when they are fed food that is biologically appropriate. By choosing to feed your pet raw food, you are giving them access to what they would be eating in the wild, just as nature intended. Raw foods are also rich in nutrients and enzymes and unaltered by the harsh processing that goes into creating kibble and canned food.
Why choose freeze dried?
There is no question that kibble is convenient. But what if you could get a shelf stable product, that was as convenient as kibble, had all the flavour and nutrition of fresh raw food, but without the mess? Welcome to the world of freeze dried raw food!
Woof & Meow are available instore now.

Dog Grooming - 29th Apr 2019

Dog Grooming

We are excited to say we can now offer dog grooming again.

From small to large, all dogs are welcome to come and be pampered by our highly trained and sought after Groomer with 10 years experience.

We will have grooming appointments available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between the hours of 8am - 4pm as of the 13th of May 2019.

At East Road Pets we care about the health of your pet.
That’s why when you bring your dog in to have a groom to keep their coat healthy, the first 20 appointments booked will recieve a FREE Canine GREENIES 170g Treat pack to keep their dog’s teeth healthy too.
→ Over 80% of dogs over 3 years old have gum disease
→ 90% of owners do not believe their dog has gum disease
→ Proper dental care can increase a dog’s life by 2 to 5 years
Greenies™ contains chlorophyll, which has natural odour absorbing properties, and helps Greenies™ to significantly reduce bad breath

As an introductory offer all appoinments booked during the month of May will recieve a Greenies discount voucher to keep their dog’s teeth healthy too.

To book simply ring the store on 032173208 and the staff will pass all relative details onto our groomer for a call back, or book directly by ringing 0275215572.

New to Store - 8th Dec 2018

Billy & Margot Iced Treats
This fun, fruity iced treat is a great way to reward good behavior, keep your dog cool and refreshed on hot days, and help you build a strong bond with your dog. Licking this treat straight from the tub releases endorphins, which can mean a happier, calmer dog. 

Available in 3 flavours 
  • Banana & Honey
  • Banana, Apple & Carrot
  • Strawberry & Apple

Full of flavor and expertly balanced, this product fits in the ‘connect’ section of the Billy + Margot® Circle of Nutrition and is an ideal way to enjoy even more special moments with your dog.Created by Marie Jones, renowned canine nutritionist and founder of Billy + Margot®Unique and appealing banana and honey flavorCan be eaten directly from the tub, which gives your dog a fun, engaging treat that lasts longerMade with real fruit and vegetables Completely free from grains and dairyServe as much or as little as you like - an entire tub, or just a few licks at a time

VARIATION Given this is a natural product with no artificial colours used, variations in colours and textures can occur between batches due to seasonal ingredients.

Keep frozen (store below 0°F). Place tub back in freezer between serves.

Santa Parade 2018 - 1st Dec 2018

2018 Santa Parade featuring our Paw Patrol Float

The Southland Christmas Parade was held on Saturday 1 December 2018 at 2pm. 

The Parade featured over 20 floats and 40 parade entries.

Fabulous entertainment for young and old. 

Lamb Feeding - 14th Sep 2018

Lamb feeding

It's that time of year again, we have four wee Lambs at the shop for feeding.


Feeding times are 12pm and 3.15pm Daily.

Also these wee girls need names so we are running a name the lambs competition on our social media pages that will be drawn on Monday the 17th September, so feel free to find the post on Facebook or Instagram and make a name suggestion of your own.

Chinchilla classification could change - 8th Sep 2018

Willow & Gizmo Heres a good read on the possible change to the Chinnchilla ban in Southland. 
article written by Sharon Reece

New to store - Dozers Dental Chews - 18th Jul 2018


Dozers contain only a handful of all natural ingredients. Out of all the healthy and nutrient rich ingredients it is parsley that works its magic on bad doggy breath, it is a powerful and natural deodorizer. Your dog will love the taste and you will love the results.

Free of grain, gluten, wheat & corn, each package of Dozers features delectable treats made from potatoes, brown rice, chicken, lecithin, glycerin, cellulose, parsley, cumin, each with a special blend of nutrients your dog needs.
Available in four chew sizes

New Product: CSI URINE - 17th Jun 2018

CSI URINE is a smarter approach to stain removal.

Smart Science, no Harsh chemicals, removes urine stains completely.

Safe & effective for pets and humans alike.
No scrubbing, no stains, no worries!

Pet urine is no ordinary stain, so CSI URINE is no regular cleaner. Using a combination of special enzymes and enzyme-producing microbes that attacks stains at the molecular level.

What are enzymes and what do they do?

Enzymes are natural substances that help bio-chemical reactions to occur. They act a bit like a key that only fits into a specific lock to make it turn. Pet waste is the lock into which the CSI URINE key fits.

The enzymes in CSI URINE only act on certain stains, like urine, faeces, blood and vomit. These are all protein stains that the enzymes in CSI URINE break down into harmless dust that can simply be vacuumed or brushed away. The enzymes in CSI URINE are biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and will not harm pets or humans, unlike many ordinary cleaners that contain corrosive substances like bleach or acid.

Our bodies use enzymes to digest food, and in a similar way CSI URINE digests urine stains so that there's nothing left.

CSI URINE works almost like magic, as long as you follow the instructions below:

  1. Check for colourfastness on an inconspicuous area.
  2. Remove excess urine, faeces or vomit with paper towels.
  3. Saturate soiled areas with CSI URINEoverlapping edges of stain.
  4. Do not scrub. Do not use with other cleaners.
  5. Allow to air dry.
  6. When completely dry vacuum or brush away any residue.
  1. Do not shampoo or steam-clean urine-soiled carpet or fabric until after odour and stain have been removed with CSI URINE.
  2. Saturate soiled area with CSI URINEoverlapping edges of stain. Urine spreads 2-4 times its surface size as liquid soaks into underlay and through to the sub-floor.
  3. Allow to air dry. This may take up to 48 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity. CSI URINE works when the stained area is wet, and continues working until it is dry.
  4. When completely dry vacuum any residue.
  5. Repeat application as needed to break down old urine odour and stains.


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