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Introducing... - 21st May 2019

Introducing... WOOF & MEOW PET FOOD

Raw, natural, and delicious !
A premium range of pet food, supplements, and treats using only the highest quality ingredients aimed at giving them what they need to thrive. Nourish your pets from the inside out, naturally.

From its pristine lands and waters, New Zealand is well known
for producing some of the best quality food in the world.
We wanted to share this natural goodness with pets everywhere. 
The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. source only the finest ingredients
to ensure that your pet has the highest quality of nutrition.
All freshly made in small batches with meat and produce from local farms in New Zealand.

Reasons you (and your pet) will love our freeze dried food!

Cats and Dogs can't process carbohydrates the way we do, which is why so many of them develop health issues (i.e. allergies, dry skin,etc). We keep it simple by adding only the ingredients your pet needs and nothing else.

Species appropriate diets are based on what your carnivore would get in the wild. Taking raw whole foods and freeze dry them to protect the natural enzymes, nutrients, and flavour. It's tasty food your pet will love!

All recipes are balanced and formulated to meet with AAFCO requirements. So you can be confident that you are giving your pets natural raw food filled with the goodness that they need to grow and thrive on.
Why feed raw?
Pets thrive when they are fed food that is biologically appropriate. By choosing to feed your pet raw food, you are giving them access to what they would be eating in the wild, just as nature intended. Raw foods are also rich in nutrients and enzymes and unaltered by the harsh processing that goes into creating kibble and canned food.
Why choose freeze dried?
There is no question that kibble is convenient. But what if you could get a shelf stable product, that was as convenient as kibble, had all the flavour and nutrition of fresh raw food, but without the mess? Welcome to the world of freeze dried raw food!
Woof & Meow are available instore now.

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