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New Baby Tortoises - 28th May 2016

Hermann's Tortoises - Just arrived...

Our new shop tortoises have just arrived in store for public viewing.
They are approximately 15 months old and are unsexed as yet.

We need help finding names for these three wee darlings, check out our facebook page to leave a comment with name suggestions here.

Hermann's tortoises are small to medium-sized tortoises.
They are brightly colored, though this brightness may fade with age. The males are somewhat smaller than the females.Their jaws are slightly hooked and, like other tortoises, possess no teeth, just strong, beaks. Their scaly limbs are greyish to brown, with some yellow markings, and their tails bear a spur (a spike) at the tip. Adult males have particularly long and thick tails, and well-developed spurs, distinguishing them from females.

Being from the Mediterranean, they do not cope well with temperatures lower than 70oF (21oC). Unless you’re living in a very hot climate, you will need to make arrangements to house them indoors. Indoor enclosures should have a heat lamp that emits UV light, which the tortoises need to synthesize vitamin D. A good daytime temperature is 80oF (26-27oC). In addition to the UV light, a heat lamp should be provided.

Like all Mediterranean tortoises, Hermann tortoises are pretty strictly herbivorous. It is alright if they pick up a snail or slug in the garden every now and then, but you should never feed them meat. Their system is not capable of handling that much protein. Even beans and peas should be avoided, as these are too also high in protein and can stress the liver and kidneys. The best way to provide calcium is to leave a cuttlebone (the bone of a cuttlefish, available at either your petstore or fishmonger) in the enclosure for your tortoise to nibble on.

Make sure if you're out and about in Invercargill to pop in store and have a look at these cuties.


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