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Guy Fawkes is Coming - 26th Oct 2015

Fireworks causing pets to stress Be Ready For Guy Fawkes!

November 5th is quickly approaching, so remember here at East Road Pets we have an array of products to help calm and soothe your precious wee fur babies during this stressful event.

Thundershirt's patent pending design applies gentle, constant pressure on a pet's torso and this pressure has a calming effect for most animals. Pressure has been used successfully to reduce anxiety for many years, great for Thunder, Fireworks, Separation, Travel, Barking, Jumping, Training and more.
Whenever a Pet is anxious, fearful or over excited, the Thundershirt's gentle constant pressure can bring calm and focus.
Drug Free Solution For Pet Anxiety available for Cats and Dogs

Also available are calming formulas in the form of homeopathic drops, K9 aromatherapy and tablets.

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